Sanación Esencial

Balanced Health, Wellbeing, and Vitality

Empowering physical, emotional, and mental
equilibrium toward self-recovery.

All sentient beings must have access to health recovery, health maintenance, wellbeing, vitality, and self-realization. My compromise is to provide a conscientious healing energy practice through professional energy streamlining, stabilization, balance, and dismissal of influential vibrational blockages.

Our Services

One-hour sequential energy flow Reiki healing sessions within a harmonious, relaxed, and peaceful ambiance provided by an experienced sensible professional Reiki Master therapist.


Orientation on how Reiki transforms health, well being, and vitality; its benefits and advantages.


Description of Reiki session procedures.


One-hour Reiki session.


Post-session counseling and recommendations.

Your Health Starts Here

Mostly every Monday 7:00AM – 5:00PM by previous appointment

Or call — (787) 638-2908